SHINSEI BANK: Developing an Integrated Firm Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

SHINSEI BANK: Developing an Integrated Firm Case Study Solution 

How would you rate the Pedersen’s performance so far? What still he needs to accomplish?

Pedersen has been hired by Porte’, the new CEO of the Shinsei Bank in 2003 as the Chief Learning Officer, responsible to bring definite culture in the organization, embracing diversity and managing the education of the employees in terms of skill building,talent upbringing,and development of the corporate culture that aligns with the core organizational values of the bank.

Since, from the inception of the bank into modern world and the incorporation of foreign investment and expatriates in the organizational culture of the Shinsei Bank, the organizational values and vision diluted.However, in an attempt to manage the diversity, Yoshiro, the prime leader of the bank after nationalization offered the autonomy to each department of the bank to make its own training & development system with separate human resource polices. This strategy through at the initial stage helped in developing strong and skilled workforce, though it led to organizational information silos, giving rise to incompetent and un leveled performance of the employees.

In order to deal with this issue, Pedersen devised an integrated training and development program throughout the organization and also established the 360 degree evaluation system to develop and boost the performance of each employee from lower, middle and the upper level, thus creating a team synergy in the organization.He also addressed the increasing trend of diversity and developed the human resource policy to accommodate the new and the old employees without effecting the values and parent strategy of the bank. This stamped a great change in the organization and helped the bank in elevating its ranking in the market.

Although, Pedersen developed strong training and development programs along with the objectives to enhance and control the performance of the employees, he still needed to develop a bridge between the local Japanese and the international employees, as these two populations within the bank has to work to gether it is important to develop a communication bridge between the two in order to outline and implement the cultural change easily without any resistance and conflict. It would also allow both theories to work through empathizing each other thus mitigating the grudges and false resentments against each other also improving performance as well as reducing the information Silos.

Should the performance evaluation be expanded? What questions must he consider in making the decision?

Yes, the performance evaluation should be expanded because the values, vision and mission of the Shinsei bank has always offered a distinct set of culture which connects with the motivation drive of the employees besides it is important to keep check and balance on the performance and adaptation level of the employees so to shape the strategy accordingly.

Moreover, the performance evaluation will also offer the precise and transparent picture of the organizational functions, penetration and employee performance.It will also allow them to gauge the understanding of the work environment and value of the organization by the employee through 360 degree evaluation system. Furthermore, since many players from external and internal environment will be involved in evaluation, it will reduce the biasness from results and in consequence would offer a clear and transparent picture of the employee performance to the management and to the employees as well leading to improving their performance in the long run. The performance evaluation system will also allow the management to inculcate the modern culture and diversity of external work effectively into the organization. As a result it will allow the management to gauge the weak areas of every employee, hence leading to development of a precise training and development program offering the right purpose to the right employee.

SHINSEI BANK Developing an Integrated Firm Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

However, while developing such plan, Pedersen should keep the time constraints in mind both in implementing the evaluation system and the time to make the operations successful through effective integration of processes all through the organization. He must plan the right time to propose and implement the new time, so to get the maximum outcomes in terms of performance. Like wise they must consider to set small evaluation checks in between keeping the employees on page and leading to continuously sustained performance.

What other initiatives could Pedersenengage in to improve working relationships between business units and increase learning?

Till now Pederson has taken multiple initiatives to increase the learning and integration of the department to develop a uniform and unified culture in the organization.However, below are some other initiatives that Pedersen could take to improve learning and the integration of business units.

Develop information technology base-Pedersen could improve the performance and integration of the business units by developing or incorporating technology to share information across the department. This will make an easy flow of information throughout the organization, mitigating the organizational silos, leading to effective handling of information and ease of sharing and bringing each employee on the same page.

Rotation-In order to make the best out of the new system and learning environment. Pedersen should initiate the job rotation or team building system in the organization.In which each employee will be rotated on the monthly basis to work in other departments with different employees (Permanent locals Market employees and International employees) to develop the bridge, that will allow them to understand the stance of each other thus leading to effective knowledge sharing and learning environment.

 Team Work-Pedersen can also initiate to develop the small teams of the mix of the permanent and intentional employees in order to incorporate diversity and plunge the cultural values deeply within the organization.The team structure will allow both the population to understand the values, norms and culture leading to better communication and hence understanding of the facts and making the environment more corporative.

Social Networking and Informal Communication- In order to integrate all the departments and developing the sense of understanding, Pedersen should develop a social platform where the members of each department can link and inter actin formally.In doing so, the presence of each employee should be made compulsory so to involve each employee. This will allow the employees to develop an engaging culture in the organization making everyone understand the values and vision of the company clearly................

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