Seven-Eleven Japan: Venturing into e-Tailing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Not content with nine million customers a day, Toshifumi Suzuki, Chairman and CEO of Seven-Eleven Japan Ltd., was looking for ways to attract more customers and increase sales. Enchanted optimistic forecast for growth of business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce in Japan, he contacted several prominent Japanese companies to explore the possibility of working together to launch the largest B2C e-commerce website in Japan. Suzuki knew that the successful launch and operation of B2C e-commerce in Japan, known for its citizens hesitant to buy online can be a great success for him. His task now is to convince their potential partners that he had a potentially successful and profitable business model. Set in December 1999, this case is primarily a desire to create Suzuki business to consumer e-commerce company focused on Japanese consumers. Depicts the obstacles it faces and methods planned to overcome these obstacles. "Hide
by Ali F. Farhoomand, ectodermal Tan Source: University of Hong Kong, 18 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2000. Prod. #: HKU101-PDF-ENG

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Seven-Eleven Japan: Venturing into e-Tailing

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