SeaMicro-Moment of Decision Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case, GSB No. E-459, investigates the SeaMicro CEO's decision of whether or not to sell the company in early 2012. SeaMicro, a developer of low-power servers, has grown fast as an innovative and vital force in a server market dominated by giants, including HP and Dell.

In the autumn of 2011, the business is approached by AMD, the industry's second largest microprocessor manufacturer behind Intel. AMD is looking to get SeaMicro as a way to reinvent itself and establish a leadership position in the rapidly growing cloud computing space and has faced challenging times in the recent past. Andrew Feldman, SeaMicro's CEO, must consider the consequences of his choice to sell in the circumstance of various factors including his fiduciary duty to his investors and workers, other tactical opportunities with the likes of Dell, Samsung and ARM, and his own future.

SeaMicro-Moment of Decision case study solution


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SeaMicro-Moment of Decision

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