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Case studies present realistic, conceptual and contextual situation and often involve a problem, conflict, or dilemma that one or more characters in the case must negotiate.  Case studies are a form of problem-based learning that present a realistic situation and requires a resolution. In a case study, learner sare given details about the situation, sometimes historical context.Key individuals are introduced, objectives and goal are outlined, followed by certain data collection, a learner needs to analyze the situation, develop alternatives, implementation of best possible solution and make recommendations.(Forman, 1999)

Although a case study has been used in many institutions in the teaching of medicine, law or business related problems, as it is an effective tool in a number of disciplines.A business case study is a detailed account, information, situation, of what is happening in a particular company, organization, industry, or a project over a specific period of time. It also gives allows an individual to practice to identify the parameters of a problem, recognizing and evaluating the situation, arguing different point of views and then come up with possible solutions.(Melvin L. Silberman, 2006)

Moreover, a complex case study contains more variety of information regarding company’s data, policies and procedures, financial reports and records, market share, economic data, description of resources, job description, individual perception and pricing data. A complex case study needs more attention, carefully analyze, several re-reading and discussion with the experienced person. A case study can be of two or more than 30 pages, as it helps the learner to think critically and analyze the problem on the basis of the current situation to come up with recommendations.(Graham & Perin, 2007)

A learner, through the process of analyzing, can understand the value of giving response actively and constructively on the problems and conflicts of the organization, develop an ability to give a real life example of the current situation, differentiating facts and figures, generating multiple perception of a situation by using different methods, models, theories, concepts and research findings.A learner develops action orientation and willingness to take risk on the basis of incomplete information, inadequate data,findings and resources, and imperfect solutions. A case study also builds knowledge, skills and confidence in the learner.(Marchisan, 2001)

In order to accomplish business goals, case studies are a great way to explain to customers the value of company’s products and services. The company can provide a real life example in order to satisfy customer’s needs and wants. The success of the company lies within when potential customers become loyal customer.(Lea, 2006)

Tips For Writing Case Solutions

When writing a case analysis, a person must have a full knowledge of the case study. Before one begins to start the case analysis, they should read the case study carefully, make an understanding about the case, thoroughly research about the situation, ask the questions in a group discussion and make notes all the while.It is necessary to gain full knowledge about the case, and fully grasp the issues related to the company or industry.(Adolph, 2002)


Once a person is satisfied with the information gathered, they should begin a step-by-step instruction in order to write an effective case analysis.


In order to begin a case study analysis, it is important to gain knowledge about the company history and growth because the company’s past may adversely affect the present and future of the organization. A critical analysis of the company’s history shows a convenient way that how the company past strategy affects the company present and later in the future. A learner must develop a concept about history and growth by gathering its founding, information related to initial product and services, new-product development and how it will pursue in the future. By analyzing the company’s history and growth, a person gains information about the company’s competitors, high entry barrier, geographical location, and market expansion and technology advancement.(Schumpeter)

The analysis of the company helps to seek intrinsic value of the company, understanding about the company, the health of the business, profitability growth and its future prospects. It includes reading and analyzing annual reports, financial statement to get an understanding of the company’s competitors, market information and revenue growth of the company.

This analysis is also referred as fundamental analysis, which incorporates basic information of the company such as the company’s mission and vision statement, products and services, apparition, goals and values. During the process of company’s analysis, a learner must consider the company’s growth and history which help in shaping the future of the company. If it is a manufacturing company or it is involved in such activities, the analysis must gain knowledge about the product of the company, analyze its product demand and quality, and how they are satisfying customers’ needs and wants....................

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