Schon Klinik: Measuring Cost and Value Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case illustrate how a foremost German hospital group is devoted intensely in the extent of patient-level outcome and costs, the basics of a health care worth framework. The organization launches a pilot project to use time-driven activity-based costing (TDABC) for measuring the cost of total knee replacements.

The project that is costing complements an existing initiative for complete outcomes measurement. The mix of precise measurement of prices and results empowers local staff - physicians, nurses, and administrators - to enhance the worth of care they deliver. In addition, it permits benchmarking across the group's multiple hospital sites to identify best practices that may be common. The case terminate with a conclusion on utilizing cost and result measurement to update the acceptance of a novel recuperative approach that guarantee to drastically lower post-surgical span-of-stays.

Schon Klinik Measuring Cost and Value case study solution

PUBLICATION DATE: March 16, 2012 PRODUCT #: 112085-PDF-ENG

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Schon Klinik: Measuring Cost and Value

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