A Greek Tragedy With No Written Final Act Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

But there's never a clear answer when inquiring who should be responsible for a country’s unmanageable debt, and the question is much more complex when it involves a part of the eurozone. Greece lacks its own money to devalue to obtain economic aid, and the nation’s debt problem cannot be solved by issuing more debt with conditions that kill economic growth. Arguably there has never been a bailout designed to bail out the Greeks. The aid issued to date has not been less about buying time to play “musical bondholders.”

Yet if the Greeks manage to set a precedent that other troubled E.U. states strive to follow, then the fallout could get the better of the euro and send the international economy into chaos. Nevertheless, the threats to the global financial sector have been reduced following the bailout deal with the European Union. Investors have to understand that nobody knows what's going to happen, and yet marketplace purchasing opportunities could arise. Ultimately, when thinking of Greece, it helps to observe the fact that spending money have eventually returned to haunt you.

Publication Date: 07/14/2015

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A Greek Tragedy With No Written Final Act

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