Jills Table: Set to Serve Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The founder and owner of the table Jill, a specialty food and household items to the store thinking of standing in front of her. As a small business operating in the same arena as a mass merchandising chain, it must decide how to position its service offerings in such a way to survive and even thrive in a highly competitive environment. In retail, the winner of the Year award (2004 Canadian Association of gifts and tableware, housewares and gourmet department), she knows that her problems are outside the scope of competition and affect areas such as customer service, associate professor of education, purchase and finance. "Hide
by Kyle Murray, Ken Mark Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 11 pages. Publication Date: February 6, 2006. Prod. # 906A01-PDF-ENG

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Jills Table: Set to Serve

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