Saskatchewan Wheat Pool 2005 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

General Director of the Mayo Schmidt has just led his company after five hard years. Survival came with the difficult decision to change the 80-year-old agricultural cooperative in the Canadian corporation business. Saskatchewan Wheat Pool (SWP) now is the future of the new financial structure of the world-class assets, a proven management team, a sound balance sheet and access to capital for the stability and development. With an increasing global demand for grain and new technological capabilities of the product, Schmidt was convinced that, as a producer, Canada will have a long term benefit, because its history of high-quality grain production. In addition, he believes that the SWP, with its deep relationships farmer and the state in modern infrastructure, was ideally placed to lead the development of identity preserved supply chains. As Schmidt based on the unique benefits of the PSA to create a company that will thrive and prosper over the next 80 years? "Hide
by Ray A. Goldberg Source: HBS 29 pages. Publication Date: October 31, 2005. Prod. #: 906402-PDF-ENG

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