Hanson Production Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


            Hanson Production is going to launch its newBroadway musical show that needs a pricing strategy in order to get maximum revenue and attendance. The responsibility related to ticket pricing is upon Joanne Shen and any selection of new theaters for the show that is around 6 weeks away.

            She started her career with Hanson Production 12 years ago, when she was student of New York University. Now she is considered to be a rising star of production industry in future but she does not admit at as she has more work to do for success. Hanson production is a well-established Broadway production company since many years. Since her joining this production company has got many Tony awards for musical and plays.

            She is required to have a keen eye on spare theaters and she needs to have the script with her as there may be an opportunity to have a contract with those theaters and grab sales. She has good relationships with agents and managers related to the industry as well as have opportunity to contact and get other theaters for their musical show. She has also good contacts with directors of various regional theaters across the country.

            She is under contact with her college friends that are at somewhere in nation’s foremost university theater program, that may allow her to get new worthy customers. She is trying to use best of her contacts and relationships to get more and more theaters for new production of Hanson.

            Hanson product was formed in mid 1950s by a couple and it acclaimed with its off-Broadway shows. Hanson had its first show named “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” that was played in front of 50 people and majority of them was relatives and friends of cast. The company got its success afterwards on off-Broadway shows and respected at many venues.

            The company got its success in 1970s when an award-winning academy love Hanson’s script that was based on old West musical. An Oscar winning actor offered to purchase the script but the offer was rejected by Hanson team. Further, Hanson offered him a leading role on the script to proceed with Hanson production with its first Broadway. That high profile star helped Hanson to proceed in its first production and movie got its success with and got an award for best musical at Tony Musical Awards.

            Hanson got its continuous success after that event and now they have a production company with Hanson’s name. The production house got its success through dozens of projects in London and New York with shows in Chicago, San Francisco and London. The company had also grown to become a global production but the company had grown slowly.

 The goal of the company is to expand its art in different urban areas with the constant focus on quality of art not quantity. The company is more concern about selecting high class story and eccentric directors for their production.

            Shen has concerns about her current production having musical cast with 20 people. The musical production is the revival boast ofsome most beloved songs in the show-tunes canon.The musicalshow concept has been developed and its opening night is in first week of this March. The show needs some of work to be finalized before showing the musical show.

            Shen is under consideration to revise the budget and pull funds from other areas without dipping more funds to face any contingency effect. The focus is on natural audience of children because of having a female child star of show that is shown on Disney Channel and it was a wise decision made by company to catch more audience.Hanson Production Case Solution

            There is an uncertainty that whether there will be a crowd of audience because subject matter has a fair share of challenges. The ticket price must be reasonable as too high price may affect the theater with limited number of audiences and lower price can affect the future quality of shows and current profitability at sac.

            Shen always use to conduct market research with test audiences as they are busy in their daily day to day activities to find out good timings for their potential audience for this show. .................

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