SARS Outbreak in Toronto Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The World Health Organization (WHO), in the 2013 spring, found that started from China the intense respiratory disorder (SARS) had spread globally, and identified some case in Vancouver and Toronto. At the early stage, the disease was not known widespread that led to misdiagnosed as only the symptoms of flu that caused the diffusion of the infection quickly. During the mid-March, Ontario faced third SARS-related death, and a state of emergency was declared by the provincial premier that at last lifted on May 17 when they found that the outbreak had finished. But just over a week, on May 23, the North York General Hospital reported four new cases. Ontario, along with its noncompliance of hospitals with existing policies, had the absence of efficient infrastructure of public health. Besides, the concerning infection control it lacked the effective communication between hospitals, health organization and levels of governments, with various spokesperson that often led to conflicting announcements by them due to incoordination, which build the perception among the public that the government and health care authorities had no any clear direction or were lying about the outbreak's intensity. The provincial premier has to evaluate that what could have been prevented, before the next provincial election, and what are the ways to manage the public health interventions and the contrasts responses between Toronto and Vancouver in public health.

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SARS Outbreak in Toronto

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