Diskit Khartsan Ltd. in 2013: Hatching a Solution Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Tel Aviv-based DiskitKhartsan Ltd. sold sprays, snares, and netting to fight Blatta lateralis, the Israeli flying cockroaches. The insect is unique and is about one inch or about 2.54 cm long and is well capable of flying short distances, it was noisy, ugly and presented a risk of food contamination. Every heat wave brought consumers across the Mediterranean equipped, and more infestations with Diskit’s HLH(TMark) brand products.

HLH products generated nearly two thirds of Diskit’s annual sales. During intervals of low demand, local retailers resisted allocating major shelf space to the bulky products, which meant Diskit lost sales and that during periods of high demand stock outs happened frequently. To deal with this dilemma, the business had executed a trust receipts plan that increased costs by 3 percent for retailers but allowed them to choose Diskit products without payment onto their balance sheets until the products were sold.


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Diskit Khartsan Ltd. in 2013: Hatching a Solution