Cleveland Clinic Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

What is the Cleveland Clinic’s overall strategy for improving value for patients?  Identify critical components and their rationale.

            The first decision of Cleveland Clinic was its discovery that provided first definite tool for diagnosing coronary disease before a heart attack or any noticeable event that leads towards a heart attack. The decision led towards a dramatic improvement in cardiac diagnosis and treatment.

            This was an innovation towards an improvement of the hospital and an improved care to the patients. This innovation was in the favor of the mankind and it has served the mass. The innovation also led towards an improvement in the clinical industry as many other hospitals followed this innovation and served the humanity.

            The second innovative decision was the coronary artery bypass operation through the application of bypass technique used in kidney surgery. This decision came with a dramaticchange and saved thousands of lives. This decision attracted many of the doctors in Cleveland clinic and many patients relieved from the heart disease.

            This has increased the value to patients and their innovative strategy has always relieved the patients with heart disease.

            In 1980, Cleveland opened in a new building for patients, including outpatients as well. The building specially outfitted operating and procedure rooms, cardiac intensive care, imaging facilities, and dedicated in-patient rooms. The decision of the new building was to give an ease to the patients and to give them a look of a hotel not a hospital. They have cared for their valued patients that are the customers as well as humans in the problem there fore,their extra care decision has made the hospital more famous in native and international market.

            The hospital was going through for the latest innovations in heart diseases along with kidney and many other diseases to ease their patients. The main focus of the hospital is to provide a wide range of facilities to their patients along with the treatment of every disease under one roof procedure.

            The hospital is going through many of the capital expenditure for development and heavy expenditure of research process. The hospital also attracts many specialist doctors who can be an asset for the hospital and an angel for their patients.

            Their vision is clear that is to give quality and facilities to their patients beyond their expectation. The hospital has explained their vision to staff and it required best from their staff to facilitate its patients.

Where has the clinic made the most progress?

            The clinic has made most of its progress in heart surgery as the first innovation is related to the heart and its other many innovations are solely related to heart. The clinic is more focused on hearts as they have most of their expertise in heart diseases and their research are most related to innovation in the heart disease that is increasing in the real world day by day.

            Its first progress was to introduce the diagnose coronary disease before a heart attack and then it moved to the bypass operating of heart disease that served thousands of patients within one year.

            Secondly, the clinic moved towards the innovation of heart transplant in 1968, this innovation served to those who thought their heart is not in working condition and their heart was transplanted and their lives were saved through this innovation.

            Their innovation did not stop over only heart disease, but it also moved toward the innovation in chest disease. This innovation was also related to heart disease as this innovation is chest was to facilitate the patients under chest disease as well as heart disease at the same time.

            The other innovation in heart surgery was to take veins from legs as the result was better as compared to original cardiac surgery and it proved to be cost effective tool for the hospital.

            In 1980, there was a development of a computerized device that used to mention the condition of patient during recovery from heart surgery and automatically administered drugs as needed for the patient. This device reduced the post-surgical complications.

            The clinic was one of the top three centers where artificial heart surgeries are made with continuous improvement in their technology and reduced rate of failure of surgery. This decision took place in 1993 and the clinic performed 3420 cardiac operations, making it the largest open heart surgery center in USA.

            In 1998, the development was above the expectation as the success rate of heart surgeries was 95% that were far above from the national one year level that was 83%. The results were due to their innovation and expertise in heart surgery, but the results were not 100% after such innovation..............................

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