WeaveTech: High Performance Change Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


WeaveTech, which was previously known as Johnson-Ware is a clothing manufacturing company that produces coveralls, coats, jackets and clothes that are fire resistant for military use.In year 2007 Johnson-Ware was bought by a private company based on equity, CVX partners thanrenamed thecompany shortly after its acquisitionasWeave Tech. The company hasits headquarterlocated outside Gloversville in New York. It currently has 1835 employees and 315 managers working atthe company’s headquarter and at its three plants that are located within a radius of 100 miles.

In 2010 Frank Jennings was hired as a Vice president of HR at WeaveTech. The initial two years for Jennings were quite uneventful as he was mostly involved in HR processes that were data driven.He was frequently engaged by the top executives in the strategic planning discussions.He recently came to know that the company is planning to change the customer base of WeaveTech. They areplanning to shift towards the high-end clothing market from military and security customers. In order to implement the strategy, the CEO is planning to lay off 20% of the WeaveTech managers as the company needs to grow and changethe current managers who do not meet the requirement of the expertise needed by the company. Jennings, who is the VP of HR department, is asked to recommend a solution that will help the company in implementing the plan.It is yet a tough and complicated decision to be made, and is essential for the company to stay competitive in the market.

WeaveTech High Performance Change Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


In a five year plan summary issued by Ron Gilford; he describes the issues and challenges, the company is currently facing because of the changing business conditions. He describes that the major issue that is being faced by the company is that the company’s current customer base isshrinking and is becoming more price sensitive thus limiting the revenue generated by the company.

The company had to react quickly to this changing business environment in order to secure its future profits and to be able to sustain and perform effectively in future. Therefore a new strategic plan has been made by the company that requires the departure of  20% of the current managers., as the resources are needed to be utilized more effectively.

Jennings now find himself in a difficult situation as he had an important decision to make regarding the decrease in the number of managersemployed by the company.The decision to be made by Jennings is quite challenging as his mind is currently unsettled and he is struggling to sort the pressure and demands, being placed on him.


Since the CEO of the company has decided to change its strategiesand is planning to change its customer base, The 20% of WeaveTech employees are needed toget layoff in order to implement this strategy, as the company feels that the current managers do not possess the skillsrequired by the company in order to grow..................

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