Data Monetization and Consumer Tracking Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Data Monetization and Consumer Tracking Case Solution

This case offers to discuss customer monitoring throughout the circumstance of data money making.

Knowing Goal

Trainees are supplied with a guide on consumer tracking as the structure for additional conversation on monetization.

In late September 2014, Facebook, the world's biggest social media, revealed the release of Atlas, an advertisement serving and size platform that would enable marketers to target advertisements to genuine individuals utilizing Facebook's distinct user IDs instead of info based upon frequently unreliable and undependable cookies. The idea, called people-based advertising, would supply online marketers with more precise market, reach, and rate details throughout the Web and in-app, while protecting personal privacy by anonymizing users. At the moment, the introduce of Atlas was declared as being one of one of the most significant actions towards resolving for cross-device coverage and cross-channel (especially online and offline) concerns (see Exhibition 1 for an information of cross-device and cross-channel elements).

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