Michael Boulos: A Career Derailed Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case explains a career derailed of a finance manager who had been working for 11 years in the Powertrain Department of Whitby, which is the Ontario branch of Astra Automotive, a worldwide manufacturer of automotive parts.

He has marked a prominent standing among his colleagues due to his high ethical standards of business, expertise in the competitive business environment and his analytical skills. As he was determined to succeed, thus at times he was perceived as impolite and unnecessarily harsh from his colleagues when mistakes were made.

For more than a year, he had been in his present role and yet, despite the fact that the company was satisfied with his performance, they wanted him to enlist for training so that he could lead his subordinate and department in a much better way. Overcome with preparing for a noteworthy presentation, he neglected to do as such. Ultimately, he was suspended with pay for one week for supposedly not treating an associate with deference.

Now on July 16, 2014, his director, the Canadian president of operations and the HR manager summoned him to a meeting and were holding up to issue him the terrible news: he was being terminated.

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Michael Boulos: A Career Derailed

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