Rose Hanna (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case, Rose Hannah and her three business partners (Richard Hanna, Bob Francis and Faye Francis), as they start to grow and research company document microsample. It covers the idea stage of discovery, their decision to work together as a team, and their approach to bootstrapping the company. So, it highlights some of the difficulties associated with the management of the new and growing businesses. In particular, the founders go through a long process of trying to find a licensing partner, only to then discover that the economy has a lot more sense to them to remain independent and sell directly to consumers. Finally, the case covers the interpersonal dynamics and relationships of the four founders (two married couples), and some as a result of problems and issues. "Hide
by Garth Saloner Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 19 pages. Publication Date: December 10, 2008. Prod. #: E327A-PDF-ENG

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Rose Hanna (A)

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