NETWROK DEVELPOMENT PLAN PART 2 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Track and goals

I fall in Track 2. Currently I am in a process of completing my MBA by 2015, from University of Maryland. Right after the graduation, I would for sure like to pursue my career in the corporate finance industry. The decision of going for an MBA is based on my passion of joining the corporate finance industry. My next 3-5 years goal is to have a career oriented position in the corporate finance industry, which could help me in building a long term and successful career ahead. The reason for selecting this particular field is entirely based on my skills and strength.  I am excellent with numbers and possess exceptional quantitative skills which add value to my vision of achieving long term success in the corporate finance and relationship management industry. In the next 3-5 years I would like to be a relationship manager of a leading firm. Being the relationship manager I would be using my strengths in an optimistic manner to meet the financial requirements of my clients by using the key elements of my strengths such as being detailed oriented, good listening skills and being very analytical. Since I have a complete interest in the banking and number analysis, this sort of job is completely aligned with my strength and passion for success.

Brand Statement

Having a strong grip on corporate finance by taking the support of my exceptional planning and analyzing expertise. Highly motivated in bringing the improvements in the company'soverall departmental operations to make sure the outstanding business growthby maintaining theexcellent relationships with customers. Moreover leader in generating optimum level income and revenue for my company through my integrity, honesty, dedication and hard work towards the job.

Report on Network Events

  • Career Development, WorkShop
    (UF Hilton Conference Centre)
    This workshop actually helped me in aligning the career goals in a more optimistic manner. Moreover, it also provides me necessary guidelinesand tips to enhance my interview skills.

Ø  Fourth Networking, Networking Women Workshop

This workshop plays an outstanding role in removing the daily life difficulties being a woman.  This workshop connected me from the successful women’s in the industry who share their experiences and struggles which led them achieve such top management positions in their respective fields.

Ø  Early Career Researcher Workshop

Being relatively less experienced and a student as well, this workshop has played a real optimistic role. This workshop helped me in understanding the rules of business in the American corporate sector. Since I am relatively new in America so this workshop also helped me in getting familiar with the cultural characteristics of America.

By attending these workshops I found myself motivatedtowards the making my career in America, specifically in the field of corporate finance. These workshops helped me introducing myself as a brand rather than a conventional product in this competitive market. Additionally, these workshops enhance the presentation that how one can make an effective use of her skills in a more optimistic manner.

Network Connecting Skills

Conscientiousness is a basic element which has a major role to play in my personality and because of this element I personally feel confident while upgrading my network connections portfolio. This particular element helps me in concerting to the job specifications while using my talent based on quality, expertise, accuracy and competency. Since I have been new in America so there some areas where I need to be very careful and must also possess a learning attitude. Like I am less aware of the cultural values and norms of America, which might later on create a problem for me in the workplace. Secondly, I have completed my bachelors in science, which might raise question marks on my competency and expertise towards the job specification, so therefore I need to make sure that I must learn and grab things as quickly as possible. Additionally, I need to focus on Personality development which is a lifelong procedure. It will help me in a waythat I can easily evaluatemy skills and internal qualities, which will for sure help me in achieving aims in life and design my goals by realizing my strength and potential.

Conveying Brand: Pitch and Differential

Being an outstanding and differentiated brand, my pitch is to use my exceptional quantitative skills to position myself in such an optimistic manner specifically in the Corporate Finance Industry. I have a proven track record of delivering results and effectiveness with leading firms. I have worked in this industry for around 6 years and successfully been a leader in generating optimumlevel of income and revenue for my company. I possess extremely good listening, communicating and human relation skills which addscertain value towards me in presenting myself as a brand.....................

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