Rogers Cables: The first time program Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The case illustrates the business strategy andchange in the organizational culture to overcome the overarchingredundancy cost that has been occurring in the company due to repeat service after the first installation of the cable has been done in the customer house.Over the period of time, the Roger cables has expanded in differentareas of the Canada, however due to increasedcompetition on the telecommunication service, the company hasbeen facing the issues in maintaining the customer loyalty and satisfaction, which has been disturbed due to reaped service turns on a frequent basis and many among them occurring within the 30 days of installation.Piderit and Barbour devised a new plan to overcome the issue which required the shift in culture and developing the accountable culture in the organization among the technical staff.Of the major problem incurred by the organization, the company also faced the issue ofdeciding between investing in training programs or not as the human resources structure of the RCL has been based on seasonal demand.Hence to overcome these issues and challenges, the company requires the plan to overcome the redundancy cost, improvecustomersatisfactionand customer loyalty towards the company as to sustain in the market.

Keywords:  Culture, Redundancy cost, accountability

Rogers Cables The first time program Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Rogers communications Inc. started its operation in 1925, by offering the first ever altering currentradio that used the household current to produce the certainfrequency. The project has been a greatbreakthrough, however, the early death of Edward Samuel led the company to be headed by his son. Over the period of time, under the strong leadership pf the Roger, the Rogers communication diversified the business on great scale andentered into the business of cables. In 1974, the RogersCable Companybecame the most innovativecompany of the Canadian market, with different programming choices along with the multicultural channels.IN 1985, the company acquired the mobile communicationcompany, a national cellular company to expand the company portfolio and develop a Rogers’s media group. Hence by the end of 2001, the company has been engaged in three business lines namely Rogers wireless, Rogers Media, and Rogers cables with the revenues of 45%, 18% and 37% respectively. All these three business contributed in developing the market leading position in the respective industry.However, the change in the telecommunication industry policy and relaxation of the regulations allowed other competitions to enter in the market, disturbing the monopolistic market of the RCI along with the intense competition of gaining the market share.

Problem Statement
With the increase in the market competitionand the dilution of the competitiveadvantage in the market, RCI has to reduce the redundancy cost of the business that is incurred due topoorinstallation service at first time.

Recent Challenges
As the competition has increased in the market with the initiation of the business model that could offer the internet and cable service both at the same time, the RCI faced the challenges of frequent return service call from the customer and most of them in the 30 days of the firstinstallation of service.This cause the company heavy cost in terms of offering the return service nada los agitated the customers for not receiving the right service in first time..........

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