Rob parson at Morgan Stanley Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Situation analysis:

Mack, the president at Morgan Stanley has introduced a 360-degree performance evaluation process which is one of the important implementations. The process intends to generate a developmental feedback which helps the employees to continuously improve their skills.

Paul Nasr, a senior managing director is pouring down the data from the evaluation process to the recently hired star producer Rob Parson. The comments in the evaluation are as negative as it can get. Parson is having difficulties in adjusting according to the values and norms at Morgan Stanley, and Paul can sense that. Despite the fact that Rob Parson is a great addition to the firm in terms of creating revenues and bringing business to the organization, he is facing issue due to his aggressive attitude inside the firm. Other employees are finding it hard to work with him. Teamwork is an important element in Morgan Stanley and it is taken very seriously.

Parson is eligible this year to be promoted to managing director and has been generating business for the firm from the first day. Internal differences between Parson and other employees are creating doubts for Paul, if he should promote Parson. What would his promotion mean to the organization internally, what message would this promotion send out in the market, will his decision of promoting him this year harm the image of Morgan Stanley. As it is known for being an organization that appreciates teamwork, and does not create business at the expense of their culture at the organization.

Problem Analysis:

Rob Parson is eligible for being promoted to managing director. His attitude is contradictory to culture at Morgan Stanley. The way he deals with client is unmatched and he is creating new dimensions in business for the firm at the expense of the company’s culture of focusing on teamwork and discussing issues at hand, instead he is dealing with the issues himself.

The analysts and the evaluators are brought into account by him which is creating a fuss inside the firm and Rob is being perceived negatively by other individuals at Morgan Stanley. Paul Nasr has to make a huge decision with all this mayhem going on. He has to decide that should Rob Parson be promoted to managing director this year, as he is eligible for the higher post.

Problem Statement:

Paul is worried about the outcomes of his decision of promoting Parson to managing director, he is thinking if he should really promote him this year or not.”

Alternative Solutions:

1.   Highlight the Importance of Teamwork:

Parson is new to Morgan Stanley; the organizations he worked for in the past did not care about anything other than new businesses being created and revenue generation. If you are unable to do so you might have to start looking for a new job. Parson was doing fine in those organizations as he has exceptional skills when it comes to talking with clients and catering to their needs, in fact he creates what the client needs.

The environment is different at Morgan Stanley. Teamwork is an important part of their organizational culture. The individuals of the firm are very much motivated to work in a team rather taking decision at their end by themselves. This is not the case with Parson, he is doing what needs to be done and his decisions are right and he is provided a very small time window.

If the management at Morgan Stanley tries to mold Parson according to their firm it would be beneficent for both parties. If Parson can be told how teamwork has been beneficent for the firm over time he can know its importance and how much it matters to other employees of the company.

As Parson, is evaluating himself, and he wants to be less aggressive when it comes to dealing internally, this makes things easier for the management to an extent. The firm is not going to face any barriers by Parson because of his willingness to change himself as per the environment of the organization. The firm needs to highlight the importance of working as a team and how different things would be if he prefers taking team into account for the decisions he takes when dealing with his clients.


The level of complexities amongst the employees would decrease and fewer misunderstandings would be created as the decision would be through collaborative analysis and evaluation and the team will agree upon one decision which they think is right. This would prevail the environment of the organization and the employees would be satisfied about the fact that the firm is not changing its values. The company will still be doing business with new clients but this time it would not be at the expense of teamwork....................

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