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Research Proposal Case Solution 


I want to participate in my university’s research work as a free-lancer since I am the student of the linguistic department, and I want to explore new thing in my area i.e. linguistics. Moreover, I want to explore new ideas and want to add in more content to my current database and research work. However, the work which I will do for this proposal will be free of cost as it will enhance my knowledge, skills and abilities.

After considering all the above factors, I am requesting the university’s research department to allow me to do this research and give me access to those utilities which will be required for this research. However, there are not so many things necessary for the research, the things which I will need to do this will be the software (as per the need) and access to the journals and research literature which will be required to conduct the same research.

Furthermore, it will be an honor for me to carry out this research at the University and I will be very thankful to the university if they will give me a chance to conduct the same research. Finally, the first situation which is about the pronominal adjective has been chosen for the proposal. But before going to the primary idea, the parts of speech will be discussed to clear the basic idea of the study.

Parts of Speech

            The parts of speech are normally abbreviated as POS or PoS. The parts of speech are a combination of words or lexical items, which have similar grammatical properties. Moreover, the parts of speech are normally used to clear the idea or context to the reader allowing him to understand the meaning of the sentence. However, there are eight parts of speech, which are commonly used to create grammatical structure among sentences and phrases.

There are eight parts of speech including the following. However, the detail of these items will be discussed in the next section. Moreover, the detail of parts of speech will be discussed shortly to create better understanding of the core purpose.[i]

  1. Noun
  2. Verb
  3. Adjective
  4. Adverb
  5. Pronoun
  6. Preposition
  7. Conjunction
  8. Interjection

            It is a lexical item, which denotes any person (Michael), place (France), quality (bravery), thing (laptop, cell phone), and idea (happiness). Whenever noun is written, it has to be written by the first letter being capital to highlight it.

            Pronoun is the substitute to write noun i.e. he can be written instead of Alison etc. however, pronoun plays a vital role in the structure of paragraphs and other long sentences. Moreover, it reduces the efforts of author to write the same noun again and again by substituting it with a pronoun.

It is a modifier of noun and pronoun, which means that it can be used to modify and denote a noun or pronoun. In other words, it can be said that adjective can be used to define the quality of a noun or pronoun.

            Verb is used to define any action, occurrence of any event or a state of a noun or pronoun. For example, I am a doctor (State Verb), he is playing cricket (action verb) and what is happening in France (occurrence verb).

            It is a modifier of an adjective, verb or other adverb. It means that it can be used to define any adjective, verb or adverb to create a grammatical sense in the structure of any sentence, paragraph or phrase.

            It is used to relate phrase, words, sentences and paragraphs to create a connection and sense among them while making it easy for the reader and writer to understand the idea and to communicate it.....................

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