Kitchen Best: Ethics When Doing Cross-Boundary Business Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Kitchen Best: Ethics When Doing Cross-Boundary Business Case Study Solution

PEST Analysis


The country’s political condition is stable and involves in export and imports. The enjoyment is healthy for kitchen appliances business. (Gupta, 2013)


Demand and supply forces plays vital role in shaping the country’s economy. There is high threat competition present in this industry with perfect competition. Economic conditions are situatable with regards to kitchen appliance business.


Social environmenthelps the company to boost its sales by using social; media advertisement tools. The advanced and quality products are now become main concern for the customers.


Advanced technology makes the life easy. New advance kitchen appliances provide pleasant cooking experience with pleasant atmosphere. In china, the students and business world going to shift their products with including advance technological features in their products.

Pareto Diagram Analysis

This analysis is based on the assumption made. This analysis helps in predicting which paradigm needs to improve first and what are the cause and effect relationship between problems. The value was assumed with respect of the greater problem faced by the company. The chart results show which problem cause greater impact on the critical issues faced by the company. (See appendix 2 and 3 for pareto chart and table).

            The cause and effect diagram had been made after analyzing the case critically. The diagram provides with the solution for each of the given problems. (See appendix 4 for pareto cause and effect diagram).

Action Plan

After analyzing the case, the following action plan has bee proposed for the management to improve its current challenges and challenges ahead. (N Protheroe, E Shellard, J Turner, 2003)

The following action plan has been made by considering millstones with time constraint:

Steps Time Point Goal:
1.)    Revised management style policy. Increase responsibility of top management. Immediately Clear the path for employees and top management.
2.)    Improve quality control process by introducing automated procedures. Set standard margins foreach quantity. 1 Month Product’s demand increases.
3.)    Training motivational sessions for employees for not involving in illegal practices. And also providing information bout the bribery law and charges associated. 1 Month Minimize the illegal practices ruling in company. Increase knowledge about bribery and corruption charges.
4.)    Taking actions against the staff who involve in illegal issues. And checking their accounts and bank balance. 1 Month Management can begin measuring and evaluating the threats associated with such illegal practices.
5.)    Increase number of staff and manufacturing plant area. To avoid outsourcing. 3 Month Minimize the threat of low quality by minimizing the outsourcing of contracts.
6.)    Make responsible each person for their associated task and make liable to pay any charges arises because of associated department. 1 Month Minimize the length for span of control.

Action Plan Resources

This action plane would require following resources to implement smoothly and effectively.


The following human resource would be needed to implement his action plan.

  • Quality control manager- experienced, loyal and have related education.
  • Technological supervisor- specialized in advance technology features.
  • Department heads
  • Supervisors
  • Hire a professional trainer with full knowledge about bribery laws


The company would need huge investment to establish a new manufacturing plant. To increase the quality and minimize the outsourcing of contracts need more investments.

Equipment and/or technology resources

Automated advance technology for quality control. Purchase an equipment that will helps in identifying the errors and ultimately leads in improved quality.


The knowledge should be relating to quality control concepts and bribery laws.


The huge area will be needed to expend the production.


Every project involves some major constraints. The major constraint is the money invested. To build a new plant will require huge investment that will be difficult to gather. Another is associated wit the loyal employees. Employees need training sessions, it will increase cost but will result in better and improved practices. The superior staff will require more knowledge of law practices for impressing the junior staff. Top management must look into the matter efficiently but currently have no concerns for the betterment of organization.


It is recommended that these constraint needs to be minimized by adopting some strategic moves. Management can adopt cost cutting strategy in effective manner so that its goal must not be affected. It can hire proficient employees who have sound knowledge of law practices regarding the bribery and corruption issues. Arrange training sessions on weekly basis for improving the employee’s loyalty towards organization.


Appendix: 1 (challenges and risks)

Challenges Associated Risks
Breach of the contract ·         Loss of potential customer

·         Dis-satisfied customer

·         Compliant charges

Product quality compromised ·         Quality control problem

·         Not taking any action

Testing and certification issues ·         Illegal practices

·         Loss of customer

·         Governmental polices compromised

Not taking action ·         Loss of customer

·         Major problems

New management ·         Loss of potential market

·         Competitive high threat

Illegal practices ·         Threat to business identity

·         Customers compromised

Appendix: 2

Illegal practices 58%
employees 50%
outsourcing 40%
quaity compromised 35%
cultural issues 40%
Economics 20%


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