The 3M Company (B): Integrating Europe (Spanish) Spanish Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The 3M Company (B): Integrating Europe (Spanish) Spanish  Case Solution

This 2 part case series provides the reorganisation of 3M's European operations in 1992 from a solid, self-governing nation framework to a pan-European line of product design matrixed with a local structure. The cases explain the shift, and the resulting benefits and the difficulties, in the context of 3M's distinct society and procedures, which have actually made the American international firm a standard in development.

Pedagogical Objectives:
This case series allows the expedition of the strengths and weak points of an entrepreneurial corporation in endeavor and handling modification, in addition to a few of the more fragile intricacies in transitioning organisational instructions and procedure within such corporations. Furthermore, the cases sensitize the trainee to the difficulties a company deals with in serving the progressing, incorporated market of Europe. These cases are appropriate for possibly an MBA or executive audience.

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published: 14 Oct 2016

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The 3M Company (B): Integrating Europe (Spanish) Spanish

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