Daimler Chrysler Commercial Vehicles Division Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Daimler Chrysler Commercial Vehicles Division Case Solution

To unify an incredibly decentralized organizational structure at Daimler, Lauk started the integration of the business's manufacturing operations and a world-wide reorganization. Individual departments supported within CVD to try to find collaborative opportunities that would enable the department to realize scale markets that were international. He considered the business units could compete efficiently if they were allowed considerable autonomy to react to their own unique marketplace states although Lauk encouraged a global perspective within CVD.
Lauk was proud of the accomplishments resulting from these directives. Nevertheless, his satisfaction was overshadowed by urgent issues. Its Power Train Unit continued to register losses although the CVD was prosperous complete. Additionally, Lauk was concerned about the advancement of Daimler in constructing suitable distribution channels in the Asian area.

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PUBLICATION DATE: September 01, 1999


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Daimler Chrysler Commercial Vehicles Division

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