Rehability (B): More than Just Wheelchairs Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Rehability (B): More than Just Wheelchairs  Case Solution


By asking a various set of tactical concerns, Rehability, a German medical products business, moved the focus of the market and rebuilded market borders by looking throughout the chain of purchasers, throughout the emotional-functional orientation of the market, and throughout complementary item and service offerings. This two-part case is accompanied by a two-part theory-based film, which examines market conditions and the conventional method of the medical products market and shows Rehability's tactical relocation to move the orientation of the market and develop a blue ocean.


Pedagogical Goals:

- To shows how a business can rebuild market borders and produce a blue ocean in an extremely managed market, where companies frequently feel their chances for development are restricted. - To show a number of essential structures and tools of blue ocean technique like the 6 Paths Structure, the Purchaser Experience Cycle/Buyer Energy Map, and the 4 Actions Structure.

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published: 20 Dec 2013

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Rehability (B): More than Just Wheelchairs

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