Transcendent Leadership Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Leadership theories abound, but few have provided a means for the integration of the depth and breadth of the vast literature available. Drawing on research Crossan, Vera, and Nanjad (offering Transcendental Leadership as integrative basis),) we describe the basic problems of leadership leading the levels themselves, others, organizations, and society. We argue that much of the leadership discourse has focused almost exclusively on the leadership of others, and sometimes on the management of the organization as a whole, little has been concentrated on the part of management itself. We provide evidence of the need multiple levels of management, as well as some practical advice, drawing from in-depth interviews of six leaders in different contexts. "Hide
by Mary M. Crossan, Daina Mazutis Source: Business Horizons 9 pages. Publication Date: March 1, 2008. Prod. #: BH271-PDF-ENG

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Transcendent Leadership

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