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The leader is different from the managerial approach; leaders tend to be team-worker. When in the team, it's important to realize the potential and skills of other members. Everyone possesses distinct qualities and skills from others present in the group (Manion, 2017). The leader is a team player, he never dictates or commends. I gained this skill in my adventure of tattoo parlour start-up. We were group of four members and I was the lead of the business. Everyone was from different background and having distinct expertise and different experiences in life. I learned through different instances, where any one of us would come up with the solution from their expertise and field. Once our machine got broken and we looked for the mechanic but couldn’t find one. My friend, who is an engineer, came up with the solution and it worked well at the end. This one of my many experiences, taught me to work in teams. I learned from these occurrences that, one should realize the skills and potentials of other team members which could be later used for problem solving. Each member felt the obligation and need for the team to succeed. Team work doesn’t count on the weakness and strongholds but it thrives on the efficiency and effectiveness (Teamwork and Leadership, 2008). This thing also helps the members to accept you as a leader and consider you as one of their own, rather than seeing you as some commander in chief who is a couch potato and does nothing rather than talking.

Qualities to be developed

Development area Why Future step
Communication Skills  My shyness often proves to be a problem while communicating with someone out of my social circle. I feel little uncomfortable with the people, who have limited interaction with me.

I usually get nervous while addressing a crowd. While, that nervousness is not visible on the face. The leadership requires having communication skills, and to better communicate your vision to the audience.

 I have started to meet new people and go out and socialize more. I have started to actively take part in conversations and this has helped my confidence to talk to random people. I need a forthcoming mentality. Thus, I can communicate without any hesitation.


Emotional Intelligence Emotional-intelligence is a skill developed. Like every other person has very little control over my emotions, I try to avoid being emotional. Sometimes, I am short-tempered. To be a leader, I will have to control my emotions and not let them cloud my judgement. To better control my emotions and mostly anger. I have started to take yoga classes and read psychological books for self-development. The books have helped me to manipulate my emotions and to better focus on the desired goals. The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli has largely helped in this regard while “How to win friends and influence others” by the Dale Carnegie.
Time management Managing the tasks in a limited time constraint is a very essential quality of a leader. Time management helps a leader to take difficult and important decisions in little time. This gives us the better idea about their judgement and decision-making. Game based learning has been in the spotlight in recent years. The researchers have proved its positive effect on developing cognitive skills. I have started to play time-bound games and puzzles to better manage the time and take decision, these games are designed to develop your subconscious skills.

Sustainability and Conclusion

Sustainability links to the retention and continuous development of the acquired qualities. When the qualities are developed, this leads to the sustenance of the skill if it is employed daily in the decision making authority that I possess. Another thing is the concept of linking the sustainability to the corporate social responsibility which I possess, as Peter Parker says in Spiderman Movie: “WITH GREAT POWERS, COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY.” It is for me and the qualities I have attained in creating a better future. Personal opinion and experiences are an integral part of a reflexive essay (Morgan, 2017). I am presented with an opportunity to write about my personal experience which helped me develop leadership qualities. In this part, I have highlighted my weaknesses as well as strengths, and I look to overcome my weaknesses and sustain my strengths. Every individual has flaws, while for leader he must overcome all the flaws and hurdles, which are often proved to be obstacles in his journey to redemption. This essay is helpful for me to know more about myself, and an opportunity to look into myself. As Aristotle put it, “Knowing yourself is the start of all the wisdom”..........


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