Ideo & Innovative Design Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ideo and Innovative Design Company

Ideo and Innovative Design Company help people to come across the confidence and assurance into their creativity. Mr. David’s hallucination is to convert the people thoughts into factual innovation or invention by their understanding problem, scrutinzing behaviors, working on point of views by combining data collected by user through the  formation of concepts and brainstorming, working on prototyping and sharing of idea with constructive feedback.

Ideo and Innovative Design Company ask businesses to have a center of attention on three focal points.

  • The attractiveness of the business.
  • The capability or maintaining potential of the business.
  • The feasibility or possibility of the technology.

The attractiveness of the business

First point that is the attractiveness of the business, actually focuses on the value of human thoughts, opinions and design thinking. Human thoughts are actually highlighting the daily issues, which they actually come across and generate the opinion about certain product or service that they are using. With regards to the attractiveness of the business, working on human factor and overall design thinking are the vital characteristics.

The capability or maintaining potential of the business

Due to global competition, maintaining the potential is one of the core responsibilities of any business these days. For this purpose, companies use the business model canvas which actually visualize the essentials that highlights the company’s infrastructure, value proposition, finances and customers. Each and every aspect has its own importance in maintaining the potential of a business at different levels or at the cross functional team based approach; which works closely with each other and delivers’ the best possible output.

The feasibility or possibility of the technology

Excellent use of technology results in more convenience and as a cost saving tool on strategic basis. Companies looks for more innovative technologies on a continuous basis, which facilitate their human resources to be more productive and most importantly more accurate.

The meeting point of these approaches experience innovation. If it is implemented successfully then the company experiences strength or a commanding competitive advantage which for sure results in success.

Interview Observation

Mr. David sounds extremely confident on his approach of incorporating the human behavior into designs. He presented the concept of design thinking, which allows people to think and build on ideas of others by using many threads instead of one; which takes it at a point where we cannot reach by single intelligence. Watching human behaviors help in figuring out that what are their problems, actual needs and wants. The best way that David proposed for reading peoples’ minds is to have a diverse group of people having different cultural and educational background. Talking with people and getting them invloved with you helps generating an idea, which results in new product innovation.

David says that “the thing is to really build empathy and understand people by observing them and making things intuitive”. In daily lives people come across many problems at every step and by observing those problems one can come up with some new innovations like David introduced the kids’ class room chair that has a space for keeping the bag at the bottom. Although this innovation looks small but it is quite valuable from children’s perspective because it resolves their issue of keeping the bag. It’s all about being empathetic to .................................

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