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The paper discusses the cloud computing company, CloudCo which has been a part of the Information Technology industry. CloudCo started off its operations in the year 2013 where it has four investors, Oliver Trenhart, John Arebell, Filip Zack and Frank Trint. The company has been raising funds itself where it has accumulated a total of $500 k.

In the initial year, it had 10 employees who were assigned different roles within the company. The major values which differentiate CloudCo from other cloud computing companies in the industry that include the ethics of the company, the element of customer satisfaction and delightment, the constant innovation which has been the major source of differentiation for the company, the element of fun and learning all the way.

Finally, CloudCo has been motivated with the help of entrepreneurial spirit that has been injected by its major stakeholders. CloudCo offers a variety of IT services which even include the hosting, custom development and it also offers the customers with the SaaS mode applications also.

The major unique selling proposition for CloudCo has been the element of innovation and the company’s website has been offering the customers with the vision of being able to serve the needs to large market.

Finally, it is quite evident and clear that CloudCo is all set to become one of the major players in the cloud computing industry because of the visionary leadership and the services it has been offering to the customers for the past 3 years.

Market Planning Strategy

Market of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is basically an emerging paradigm or a concept, which has enabled the IT infrastructure and the software to be delivered directly over the internet. It is a trend that has been a growing field where most of the companies have been availing the services of cloud computing (Kyriazis, 2010)

As per the research report published by NASDAQ, the revenues that have been generated through cloud computing services have grown by 60%. Moreover, the market of cloud computing is all set to grow further at a brisk rate over the next five to ten years.

The industry observers have confirmed that investing in a company that offers cloud computing would offer advantage because of the growth expected in this industry.

Cloud computing has been a result of the adoption and the evolution of the existing technologies and the paradigms. The major objective of cloud computing has been to allow the users to take the benefit of all the technologies that prevail in the market. Moreover, the technology even reduces the overall cost and it also helps the users to focus on the core business instead focused on improving the IT services.

As per technology business research (TBR) the cloud computing industry is set to grow at a rate of 20% each year where it would be generating an amount of over $67 billion in the year 2014. However, the revenues might go beyond $110 billion until 2018.

All major players in the industry have benefited with the advent of this technology. The users also find convenience and support in terms of their daily dealings and day to day operations. The industry is on an increasing trend and it is to further expand and grow over the period of next decade.

Size of the market and growth rate:

The size of cloud computing industry as discussed in the previous section has been growing at a steady pace. Currently, the size of cloud computing market is $21 billion where the major players in the market have all been growing quite steadily. As per the data revealed by IDC, the IT cloud computing market has been all set to invest almost $32 billion in the year 2015.

Along with this, the western European market is also expected to grow in the cloud computing market with its spending of more than 32% followed by the Latin American market, which is expected to grow at a rapid pace as well with a growth percentage of 23% in the following year.(Kyriazis, 2010)CloudCo Case Solution

This generally confirms that the total IT cloud computing market is expected to grow at a pace of 33% in the year 2015. This means that the market is expected to become a favorable one for the market players.

Moreover, cloud computing has been servicing the market which is currently valued at the $79.60 billion for the year 2014. The overall revenue shall also become $148 billion that would grow at CAGR of 8.39% and the United States market to reach a total of $205.48 by the end of 2020.........................

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