Radiohead: Music at Your Own Price (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In October 2007, the British band Radiohead caused a stir when she announced, allowing customers to decide how much to pay for a new album, released exclusively in digital format and are available only from its own Web site of the group. The tariff plan is a significant departure from the standard fixed prices for music, usually 99 cents for individual songs and more than $ 9.99 for complete albums. How viable is the "name your own pricing" plan? And what course of Radiohead, talk about the future of the music industry? "Hide
by Anita Elberse, Jason Bergsman Source: Harvard Business School 7 pages. Publication Date: 01 May 2008. Prod. #: 508110-PDF-ENG

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Radiohead: Music at Your Own Price (A)

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