Blazeclan Technologies: Cloud Computing Adoption in India Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Blazeclan technologies are a company that offers cloud computing service in India. In 2013 Gurmeet Singh, who was the head of marketing and sales department faced a serious issue of slow adoption of cloud computing service in India.

Singh found that the slow adoption of cloud service is the reason of lack of knowledge, trust and security issue due to which Indian people are reluctant to adopt this service. People are more comfortable with the manual system of storing information and are not ready to move towards the technological advancement. According to the research, the biggest reluctant factor is the security issue as people are not comfortable with storing their sensitive information on cloud as nowadays password can be cracked easily (S. Sub ashini, 2011).

Singh offered pay as you go pricing strategy in which a person has to pay once he is signed in. He is not charged until and unless he starts using a system which gives an advantage of paying after getting through the system, but this causes a lack of ownership issue for the people (Ju-Young Kim, 2009). They do not feel comfortable for the thing they don’t really own. Based on customers’ perception they want to pay once they own a product or service completely.

Following are the strategies that sign could adopt in order to overcome these issues:

  • Agile development

It is a group of software development method in which the solution and requirements are evolved through collaboration. Singh needs to develop Agile in order to make it possible for the customer to have a faster development process and the information stored there could be automatically tested (Martin, 2003).

These software help customer to test the services, and their pros and cons before saving their personal sensitive information on cloud. Agile is the software that works with clients such as a team member. Working in a team is helpful in producing effective results than working individually.

Agile works like a team member as the software that are involved, work together for storing and retesting the information. Choosing a manual setup to store data will make it difficult to assess that information afterwards, which is why Agile is effective to eliminate this difficulty. Agile’s setup is quick and facilitates the customers by saving their time and provides them with a single solution to store data safely.

However, there are some disadvantages in Agile software and the most prominent one is the changing requirement process. Whenever the client wants to change his requirement criteria according to his project, it will be hard to fix that in agile software. Agile is software where the requirements are standardized and customers can only use the standard role to save their information.

Singh has to focus on this issue while the agile develops in the cloud computing service, as he needs to establish a decentralized system in agile software which will make it easy for the customers as per their requirements. Customers should be allowed to provide information as they require helping software to behave in a more user-friendly way.

  • Amazon web services

Amazon web service is the most cost effective way for Blazeclan. In order to offer the best service at low price to attract more customers of India, Singh should offer Amazon web service to its clients for downloading the data. This could work as a backup support system for Blazeclan.

Blazeclan Technologies Cloud Computing Adoption in India Case Solution

Customers want best solution at a reasonable price for which Amazon web service is the best option for Blazeclan as it would help customers to download and upload their data in fast speed and allow them to go global in minutes. This service would work effectively to save the time and money and access the information from everywhere. It will increase the speed and allow customers to save number of files with a low cost and superior quality (Frederic P. Miller, 2010).

Singh should adopt Amazon web service to provide better quality of services to the customer and educate his customers to use this cost effective method of saving their time and money. Educating customers is very important at this step to make them understand, the better usage of the technology. Once the customers understand the benefits of saving their information using the Amazon web service that work as back end support for Blazeclan, they would be the lifetime customer for Singh.................

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