Geography of Competition and Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Address the role of competition in the geographic scope and strategy. Makes a distinction between the geographical scope of the competition (or the effective area over which firms compete), geographic scope of competitive advantage (or geographic area from which the firm can attract geographical advantages) and geographic coverage strategy (an area over which the firm chooses to compete and find it activities). Geographical coverage of competition depends on the technology, tastes, government and company strategy. Locational advantages are the result of favorable factor, demand conditions, related and supporting industries, firm strategy, structure and rivalry. The firm may choose to compete in the single market (geographically focused strategy), all markets (global strategy),) or some combination of markets. The firm can choose the configuration (location) and the coordination of their activities. The company adds value to geographically distributed teams by selecting markets for service, location and coordination, as well as active control of the economies of scale, scope and learning. "Hide
Michael Enright on 9 pages. Publication Date: 04 May 1993. Prod. #: 793135-PDF-ENG

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Geography of Competition and Strategy

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