Think piece #1 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Building blocks of strategy

Which company do you suggest has the strongest “unique activities” Why?

            Based on the information presented in the case studies, the company which has the strongest unique activities is Southwest Airlines. The reason is simple Southwest has been the pioneer in its industry where it has been the first low-cost carrier for the passengers. Moreover, the company has been committed in staying competitive in terms of the prices it offers to the customers.

             In spite being a low cost carrier, the airline has still maintained the quality and the element of customer satisfaction have been sustained by the company for a long time. This indicates that the airline has been unique and it has also been able to gauge in first mover advantage.

            Along with this, the airline has been successful, which has encouraged more airlines to follow the similar business strategy. However, none of the low-cost carriers have been able to match the success of Southwest Airlines. Therefore, this indicates and confirms that Southwest Airlines has the strongest unique activities amongst the three firms Southwest, LEGO and De Beers.


What are Southwest core values?

            The core value of Southwest is threefold. The company has core value where it believes that the work should be fun for the employees and they should enjoy it. Another core value of Southwest is to make the employees work in friendly environment. Finally, the airline believes that the employees are the assets for the firm.

What are LEGO core values?

            The core values for LEGO are to offer its customers with high quality products. Moreover, the company follows the core value of staying slow and cautious to grow and expand itself in a steady manner. LEGO focuses on innovation and constant creativity. LEGO narrows its focus on the interchangeable product set.

What are DeBeers core values?

The core values for DeBeers are to stay passionate, build trust, pull together, shape the future and also show care to the customers. The core values for DeBeers were developed in the year 2006, which are still delivered to the customers.

Rank order these three companies in terms of how well they carry out their values throughout their organizations.

            The most committed firm out of the three that has been following follow its core values is DeBeers. The company has been valuing the values, which the employees have developed. Moreover, the firm is also offering environmental friendly products that can sustain the environment.

Southwest falls behind DeBeers in terms of fulfilling its core values, as the company has been offering its employees an environment where they can excel and grow. The company also allows the employees to give their feedback and suggestions for the improvement of the company. Overall, Southwest values its employees and considers them as the assets.

LEGO ranks last in this regard;as the core value of the company is to offer creativity and innovation. However, no such thing has been initiated by the firm for a long time. In fact, the company still relies on already developed products.

External Environment Analysis (PESTEL)

How will Southwest be affected by these changes in the business environment? What can it do to respond to these changes?

Southwest Airlines would be most affected by the changes that have been incurred by the government to support the climate changes. Since the government has imposed high taxes over the firms that do not abide by the rules of remaining climate friendly, therefore, Southwest will be affected because it is operating in the industry where the pollution and unhealthy products are emitted on regular basis. Since Southwest Airlines is a low-cost carrier, therefore in order to actually sustain itself in the market, the company will be negatively affected because the major focus of the airline is to reduce prices for the passengers.

To actually respond to the changes in the market, Southwest needs to open a separate department, which can look after the pollution that is emitted by the firm. This would help the company to sustain its low-cost image because if Southwest does not align itself as an environmental friendly firm, then it would have to pay higher taxes which will increase the price of air tickets. Therefore, a department should be created that can look after the radiation emission and ensure Southwest operates as an environmental friendly airlines. Think piece #1 Case Solution

How will LEGO be affected? What can it do to respond?

            It is a fact that perfect LEGO bricks can never be eco-friendly. This has been a long standing judgment about LEGO bricks because of the material that is used by the company. However, with the passage of time, improvements have been made and LEGO has become better than it was before.............

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