Quick-Drying Paint Licensing Negotiation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Quick-Drying Paint Licensing Negotiation Case Solution 

Emerging issues

The forcefulness of the negotiation could be hindered by the emerging issues such as; the desire of Carlos to make payments of royalties semi-annually in pesos because of stronger currency against US dollars. Thus, the different concerns of both parties might lead to the failure of the negotiation-strategy.

Integrative negotiation strategy

Carlos would use integrative bargaining strategy in which both parties would collaborate to find the win-win outcomes to their dispute. In the integrative bargaining strategy, the mutually beneficial agreement would be developed based on the interests of the parties.

Strong and long term relationship

Carlos would strive to build the strong and long-term relations with Sam in order to gain the benefits of large return on investment, lower capital requirements and easy and quick entry into the new markets. The licensing partnership would also provide the benefits of flexible operations, risk-sharing, availability of large resources, reach to wider customer base, differentiation from the market competitors and so forth.

Cultural differences

The loss of the contract-underlines the significance of the role of cultural differences play in the international negotiation. In order to effectively deal with the issue of cultural differences, both parties should act in an impartial manner followed by a cold methodology by neglecting personal benefit from the deal & work in professional manner. This must be followed in written steps. This would result in informal communication between both parties and would-significantly minimize the risk of concerning the cultural differences.

In addition to this, the cognizant of culture and value system could be considered as the most suitable approach and would probably assist in having in-depth knowledge about and understanding the points of misconceptions to avoid. It tends to include a communicator tonsure to be aware of every required information about cultures of both parties. It would reduce the probability of miscommunication leading to the growth of successful business operations(Morris, 2013).

Evaluation and monitoring

The monitoring and evaluation of the outcomes of the negotiation process would help assessing the effectiveness of the negotiation strategy and help building knowledge and expertise. The monitoring and evaluation would help evaluate the effectiveness of the contribution from each stakeholder into the negotiation process.

Question 03

Accenture Company

Accenture is one of the leading and valuable global professional service companies which has been engaged in providing the broad range of services in consulting and strategy, technology and operation, interactive with digital capabilities across all of these services. Since its inception, the company has been delivering strong performance, reflecting strong profitability, continued ahead of the market, and record cash flows, driving superior value for the shareholders. The company combined the specialized capabilities and unmatched experience across more than 40 countries. The global professional service industry is expected to grow in the near future as it is the part of the economy as a whole. The global professional service industry is characterized by robust and intense competition between market players, changing demands of clients, globalization, re-regulation, artificial intelligence and technology.

Procurement categories

The top five categories in procurement for Accenture Company are as follows;

Information technology

Being the only company which has a complete stack of technology consulting services from information technology strategy to broad range of IT as-a-service capabilities such as application development, cloud and enterprise resource planning (ERP). In the procurement category of IT, the company faces a robust competition which includes large multinational IT service providers, offshore IT service providers, accounting firms, solution providers and in-house IT departments of large corporations.

Financial service

The company serves the leading financial services organisations of the world across three industrial groups including diversified financial institutions, retail and commercial banks.

Pharmaceutical services

Accenture have been delivering the extensive range of research & development (R&D) solutions to the leading bio-pharma companies of the world for 20+ years.

Public service

All around US, Accenture is allowing public service organizations to embrace smarter ways of working and new technologies. The public sector consulting offerings of the company are achieving high-impact outcomes by transforming service delivery.

Communication and media services

Accenture also provides broad range of communication and media services to communication companies and help generating more values from their human resource, assets and operations, bringing new products and services to the market in more cost-effective and faster way.

Selection of two categories (Information technology and Pharmaceutical services)

The information technology is selected based on the reason that the pace of the technological advancement are accelerated in the market due to which the companies are continuously advancing and investing in productivity and innovation to remain competitive in the market (Officials, 2019).

On the other hand, the pharmaceutical services are selected because the expectations of the patients from pharmaceutical companies to offer services that help them manage their health is increasing with the passage of time. Thus, the pharmaceutical services offered by Accenture ensures the provision of high-quality patient care.

Information technology

Threats / challenges

In information technology industry, the challenges and threats includes digital change, innovation and digital transformation, lack of agility, skills gap, data protection, security threats, privacy violations, and so forth.

Supplier network

The supplier network of IT based company must be based on the various key features such as; simplify integration, track performance, minimize the cost of integration and support key transactions. The supplier network could be developed by working with diverse suppliers in order to drive continued business growth and boost their performance whereas the global supplier network could be developed by rapidly react to unforeseen market conditions, minimizing cost, improving transporting facilities and eliminate waste.


The information technology company should foster the culture of innovation and invest in technology and creates game-changing innovations to lead the market.

Competitive landscape

With the pace of the technological advancement is accelerating, the competitors are striving to encourage innovation to drive the valuable results and improve process and make them efficient as well.

Pharmaceutical services

Threats / challenges

There are various challenges and trends which are hindering the ability of the pharmaceutical companies to give their best in the competitive market such as closer connection and communication with patients, enhance process with the use of the modern technologies, high R&D cost, intellectual property obstacles, advances in the technological innovation such as nanotechnology, real-world evidence, wearable devices and telemedicine(BALYUK, 2020).

Supplier network

The supplier network development is based on developing all business processes such as operational complexity reduction, data accuracy, warehousing, purchasing, supplier selection and distribution.


The innovation in the pharmaceutical industry is based on generating innovative medical therapies, cheaper and faster drug discovery as well as development processes. By embracing new ideas and opinions, the companies became able to meet the diverse need of patients and provide them with quality care.

Competitive landscape

The pharmaceutical industry is heavily competitive both with generic as well as branded product segments. The competition in pharmaceutical industry motivate brand firms to create improved and new medicines in the markets and encourage generic companies to offer customers with less costly alternatives.............................

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