Quantum Corp.: eSupplyChain Group Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Group eSupplyChain recent formation with quantum corporation with hard disk group to measure the Internet / IT-approaches to improve supply chain efficiency. Hard disk group experienced several quarters of poor financial performance and has already started a number of initiatives of the supply chain. The group was tasked eSupplyChain distribution of these and an understanding of how to use eHITEX, web exchange simply created by a group of high-tech manufacturers, including Quantum. Quantum and eSupplyChain group must decide which initiatives to pursue and how to work with all stakeholders, both internal and external, to execute them successfully. The case also highlights the role of IT platforms, both within and outside the firm. "Hide
by Andrew McAfee, Gregory border Source: Harvard Business School 21 pages. Publication Date: January 23, 2001. Prod. #: 601099-PDF-ENG

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Quantum Corp.: eSupplyChain Group

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