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Rationale for using the ANOVA

ANOVA; also known as one-way analysis of variance, is used to determine the statically significant difference in the mean of two or more independent variables. The independent groups are also referred to as an unrelated group. The test helps us to compare the means of between groups that are of high importance in our research. In this, situation, there are three different time periods on which we have to perform our ANOVA test. The research asks us to compare the downloading time for each of the three time periods. As these time periods represent three independent groups, it creates a rationale to use ANOVA test for our research work. (statistics. laerd, n.d.) The reason for it to be called Analysis of variance is that its mean is examined by analysing the variances. (Lane, n.d.)

Interpretation of the Results

The sample of 90 time periods was taken to conduct the study related to the downloading time for three different times throughout the day. To analyse the comparison between the three times throughout the day and downloading time, the most suitable test was one-way ANOVA. Three categories of time are equally divided into 30 numbers that are early morning (7 am), evening (5 pm) and late night (12 pm).

The result shows that at 2.5% significance level, our P value=0.000 is less than 0.05, hence it can be concluded that there is statically significant difference between the three different times periods that are early morning, evening and late night. (support. minitab, n.d.)

The post hoc test using the tuckey HSD test tells us that there is statically significant difference between Early (7 AM) and Evening(5 PM) at P value of 0.00<0.001. Also there is statically significant difference between Early (7 AM) and Late night (12 am) at p value=0.00<0.001. However, there is no statistical significant difference between Evening (5 PM) and Late night (12 am) as the P-Value=0.263>0.001. Therefore, it can be concluded that downloading movies in early morning (7 am) was faster as compared to the other two groups. Though, evening and late night movie downloading times do not have high difference from one another. statistics-help-for-students, n.d......


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