CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Chipotle mexican grill Case Solution


            Chipotle Mexican Grill is a food chain which is focused to provide food to its customers in a sustainable manner meaning that the company is focusing to provide those vegetables and other ingredients which have been farmed in a sustainable way without harming the nature and natural resources. In addition, the company is also working closely on providing meat which have not used any hormones or anabolic and the company called it Food with Integrity. Furthermore, the company is known for its quality products, cheaper dishes and excellent customer service. Finally, the company have several core competencies which are giving it a competitive advantage.

Business success and core competencies

            The business is successful since there are several distinctive core competencies which allow the business to make a sustainable competitive advantage. Moreover, the company has introduced a wonderful method of serving their customers by providing their order in a timely manner which increases the operational efficiency and customer service. In addition, the company prepare food from fresh vegetables, organic raw product, and fresh milk and the best thing is that all the products are free from any antibiotics or other medication methods which provides a tremendous output in the form of cooked food which is different from the taste of all the rivals of CMG. Also the company have so many different cooking techniques which allow the company to cook food in a way that it could be a pleasure for their customers and to provide them a better dining experience by combining the quality of food and its cooking methods.

            Furthermore, a great factor is that after procuring the best and expensive raw material and cooking it with specialized methods the company is following a strong differentiation strategy but still the company is not passing all the cost towards the customer by charging higher prices but the company is charging a moderate or low price instead, this factor gives a wonderful sustainable competitive advantage to the company since, this operational efficiency is not easy to achieve by any of the industry members.

            In addition, the company is also providing customized dishes as per the order and requirement of the customers which also increase the value for the customer and his dining experience through the combination of great taste and excellent customer service the company becomes the first choice of customer for food. Moreover, the company have a limited menu which keeps the cost down and the company is also using word of mouth marketing strategy which allows it to reduce the promotional cost while the CEO of the company guides its staff in a way that they can easily promote the company’s products at the work place. Finally, the company have a team of real estate people who guides the company to choose pioneer locations in the region to open up new restaurants therefore, the company have several locations throughout the region.

CMG and the Drivers of Uniqueness

            CMG is following a wonderful differentiation strategy which allows it to keep a sustainable competitive advantage over its rivals moreover, the strategy is strong enough that it cannot be easily copied or imitated by its rivals. Moreover, there are several drivers of uniqueness which differs the company’s offering from its competitors. These drivers include procurement of quality raw material, operational efficiency, strong internal culture of the company, excellent customer service and food with integrity.

            Moreover, these drivers of uniqueness or these basis of differentiation counts a lot for the company and contribute significantly for the business since, the company procure the best raw material which is very expensive, the material is fresh vegetables, meat and other ingredients but the company only buy those material which are not been injected by any medicine.....................

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