What High-Potential Young Managers Want Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The authors consider jobs with ample training the most precious and important for their career development, top management support, and high stakes. They want more, mentoring, and coaching and proper training from companies than is presently given to them.

The authors form the benefits of job change their conclusions around three subjects, the job search behaviors of this footloose group of professionals, and also the direction-development practices that could keep them with employers. The researchers note that their findings on the relationship between promotions and employer shifts represent a revolutionary departure from past conventional wisdom and both previous empirical research about career success and job shifting. 10 years earlier, there was believe that promotions accompanied with a disproportionately large increase in responsibility were more probable to be given to insiders than outsiders. This advantage appears to have eroded: The writers found no marked differences between those who stayed with the same company during the early period of their career and job hoppers' promotion patterns.


Young professionals have marked the challenging career goals which are often not linked to any particular organization, and they don't see frequent jumps across companies in a negative light. In fact, this relentless job search isn't necessarily driven by dissatisfaction together with the goal and also the occupation to leave the organization, as conventional models of job search and turnover might assume. How do companies retain this group of workers? The authors ‘findings propose that developmental practices are essential. Now young workers crave visibility to, and development, notably appointments that offer clear responsibility and accountability for a job and support from senior managers. Organizations which are prepared to give young professionals these forms of development will be the most likely to bring and keep them.


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What High-Potential Young Managers Want

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