Public Health Emergency Case Study on Hurricane Katrina Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Public Health Emergency Case Study on Hurricane Katrina Case Solution

The other issue was the lack of the coordination between the departments and agencies related to the public health care. Many healthcare professionals volunteered their time and skills but due to inefficient management and lack of proper systems in the public health agencies it became difficult to utilize the skills of the volunteers to fulfill the required needs. The major issue that was the root of all other issues was the lack of coordination within the public health agencies or between the public and private entities.

Apart from the above mentioned issues, the management of the supplies and the appropriate distribution of the medicines and the medical equipment were also a matter of concern. Though the supplies were delivered to the areas that were affected but due to the mismanagement and lack of proper protocols, the allocation of the delivered supplies was inequitable. The victims that were under chronic medical problems were not able to receive medication on daily basis. The process of the delivery was also not much effective and required excessive amount of time to reach to the patients. (Israel, 2017)

Cost and benefits of communicating the public health issues to public and the media:

The reaction of the community over the public health crisis and the risk can vary significantly. The behavior of the individuals and the group will differentiate from each other on the basis of the variety of factors.

With no proper communication from the relevant source, it can arise negative emotions and conflicts that can lead to harmful behavior or reaction from individual or groups, affecting the public safety because of being an obstacle in the process of recovery.

However it can also create positive behavior and emotions that might include; helping the authorities in coping up with the situation, relief and necessary aid and utilities needed to deal with the situation. A collective view of the situation can be obtained, providing new and effective ideas to manage the situation and in establishing better communication.


The hurricane Katrina provided an overview and guidance regarding the issues and drawbacks of the public health care systems. This incident identified the need for the restructuring the functions of the organization and the system responsible for supplying the public health care institutes with the resources and services. Furthermore, it also identified the need of effective communication, coordination and training of doctors and nurses regarding the tools and techniques required and are essential to deal with disasters in future more effectively..........


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