Risks and Benefits of trend reporting for medical devices Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The research illustrates the trends of the non-reportedincidents in the medical device regulatory system.Under the particular topic, the trends in the medicaldevices, its usage, its riskandcost andbenefits havebeen analyzed.It has been found that the increasing trend of the not reported incidents in the medical sectors will have an increasedeffect on the manufacturer’s productioncostsand herb economy with the healthcarelow-cost strategy.

With the passing time, the government in EU and US are reducing the healthcare cost to improve the patients’healthand reduce the death ratio due to improper nailing. Manysystems anddevices have been developed,manual andelectric, thatare used to improvisethe patient’s health in the long-term and make the manufacturers manage the cost, leading to sustained operations.

In thisresearch, the prime focus has been put on the benefits the manufacturerand the healthcare may achieve throughsuch rigorous reportingstream. However, certain obstacles have been found including the unmatched policies and regulation of different REIU countries, making it difficult for the manufacturers to comply with all thedifferent set of standards. They have also made itdifficult for the management to report the incident under a particular proposedguideline.Such factors have been found to interrupt with the development of global strategy of uniformmedical devices, so to ensure the standard quality match of the healthcare system.

Risks and Benefits of trend reporting for medical devices Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Under the particularresearch, the research conductedis qualitative in nature. It is due to the fact, that in order to gauge the effect reporting trend of non-reported events on the corporation performance in terms of sales and profit and on patients’ safety that will be better outlined as compared to quantitative method that may create hindrance in quantification due to intangible nature of the variables.Also, in the particular research, the primary data collection technique is used along with the secondary data research. The combination of both types of research has been used to strengthen the findings and to support them with the previous data. Moreover,the random probabilistic sampling technique will be used to analyze the data. Such technique is used to adopt the convenience sampling and will allow to gauge and crunch the data easily.Lastly, the statistical tool such as regression, multi-variant model and ANOVAa will be used to gauge the relationship between the variables.

Through this research, it hasbeen found that that the incidents unreported, in the medical field plays a vital role in creating an effective healthcareplan.According to ( (Anthony, 2018)), a large number of people don’t receive the healthcarefacilities due to the affordability and access to the facilities. Suchfactorsareattributed to the affordability and ofthe healthcaresectors in different regions, posing the responsibility on the manufacturers to produce the devices atstandard so to make it affordable for anall populations.

Also it has been found that reporting the unprecedentedactivities and occasionalongUtah the incidents with poor devices if reported will have effect on the patient plan of care.Almost 60% of the people responded to it as minimum effect. It is due to the fact, that the patient healthcare plans is mainly depended on the dietary component along with the medicaldevices such as sticks or wheelchair that have in direct impact on the healthcare plan...............

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