Project Management Knowledge And Skills For Green Construction: Overcoming Challenges Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The authors of this paper had developed a pre-survey questionnaire. This questionnaire focused on 39 knowledge and skill areas which had been identified by the authors through the review of the literature. However, the main survey included the top most 20 knowledge and skill areas which were selected using the mean value ranking method. 52 surveys were completed that were received, tabulated and also analyzed. Along with these, interviews were also conducted with the project managers. These interviews focused on the list of challenges these project managers faced in the execution of the green construction projects.


The main survey was developed with a purpose to identify the attributes, skills and the knowledge that the project managers should possess in order to manage the green construction projects. It also helped to highlight all the challenges that project managers faced in executing the green construction projects. The main survey questionnaire was developed with the help of the interviews and the results of the pre surveys. The first section or part of the main survey questionnaire focused on the   respondent’s profile. The second section of the questionnaire asked the questions related to the challenges that were faced by the project managers when they executed the green construction projects. Likert scale was used in the questionnaires to ask the respondents the extent to which the challenges affected the green project construction process. The third section focused and asked questions related to those competencies that were required to overcome these challenges. Finally, the fourth section focused on the importance of those attributes relative to the traditional construction projects. Out of the 500 set of questionnaires only 30 were received back and included in the analysis. The statistical technique that was used to examine the rankings between the green building projects and the traditional projects was Spearman’s rank correlation.


The data that was gathered supported the findings of the article. The questionnaires were distributed to the project managers. All the respondents had an experience of more than about four years in managing the green construction projects and also traditional projects. The experience regarding the green construction projects varied across different levels for instance; up to one year represented about 7%, one to two years represented about 17%, two to three years represented about 23%, three to four years represented about 23% and those with more than four years of the experience represented about 30%. The nature and type of the projects was also identified within the data. 34% represented commercial projects, 28% represented residential projects and 38% represented educational projects. About 84% of the total projects were new projects and the remaining 16% represented the alteration or old projects.


The objectives of conducting this study were achieved by the analysis performed, but still there are some of the lacking which can be drawn from the results. Since the results are performed with the small size of the sample, therefore, the results might not be the representative of the population. That’s why a larger sample size should have been used. Another improvement area is that this study was just conducted in the Singapore market, other global countries where green construction projects are gaining attention should also be analyzed for the objective of this paper. Apart from that, there should be a balance between those project managers that have more experience as compared to those project managers that have less experience. Both the groups rated the challenges differently. For later research papers it is recommended that the attributes and the skills of the project managers should be identified from the point of views of the stakeholders. Also a competency framework should be developed in the future. Finally the last recommended area for improvement is that new studies should focus on new knowledge areas and skills that were not included in this study. It will enhance the existing knowledge base and skills set for managing the green construction projects......................................

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Project Management Knowledge And Skills For Green Construction: Overcoming Challenges

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