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Task 1 - Project Definition

Project Description

The overall project is conducted for the fundraising through the charity/ donations in order to help the Autistic Patients in the region of Tabuk to help them recover their issues. The event will be held on 14th of July, but its planning, as well as its management, would be started from 1st of May. The overall costing is summarized in the below report. All the bookings, as well as the overall event, are summarized in the work break down structure and the Gantt chart.

SMART Objectives

  • Specific - To gain more funds of about 25% for these patients as compared to the last year by recruiting about 100 more fundraisers.
  • Measurable - The project could earn at least 150000 SAR profit in the end.
  • Ambitious – Although the target of fund raising is high, the task seems more challenging but not impossible.
  • Relevant – The fundraising could help the patients giving new life to them.
  • Time-Based – The project has the clear beginning as well as the end. It will start on 1st May and ends on 15th July.

1.     Stakeholders

The primary stakeholders for our event would be Donors because, without them, the event could not exist, this requires in-depth analysis of Donors, their demographics and their requirement to be made available in the event in order to achieve the mission of our event. Other than Donors, the stakeholders include the volunteers for overall arrangement, sponsors, employees, and participants.

In addition to these primary stakeholders, there are some secondary stakeholders for the event which include the media group, the suppliers as well as the vendors and in addition to this the community where the event is organized. Since it can be seen that the objectives of fund raising could not be easily achievable therefore, special efforts are needed to be successful in meeting the objective within the limited time frame.

 2.     Major Milestones

The major milestone for our project is to achieve the required profit and provide benefits for Autistic Patients through the raised money. The events required recognizing the efforts of the volunteers, thanking supporters in the same manner as we request them to give money, as well as showcasing the work of the charity.

Project Plan Case Solution

3.     Critical success factors

The key success factors for the event are summarized as below:

DONOR and his Care

This is the first and the foremost key success factor for the event to achieve its overall mission of fundraising for the Autistic Patients. People who can help in raising the strong fundraiser are vital for the overall success. In addition to this a detailed analysis of the history of payment is required for the overall database of the fundraiser, also monthly gifts are also required to be analyzed which could help a wide range of reach to the strong fundraiser. In addition to this, the previously maintained relationship with the old fund raiser should also be enhanced in order for success in the future..................

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