Samsung IoT Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Marketing Plan
Samsung Electronics Marketing Plan is developed on the basis of its customer target market, which are Gen-X, Gen-Y and Millennial, The business model is devised keeping in mind the business strategy of Samsung which is B2C.Since there are three types of Target groups, which Samsung develops the marketing plan, there will be incorporation of mixed strategies that serves the purpose to each target group based on similarities in behavior.
Samsung electronics position itself as a highly-digitalized technology pro player in the market. Its recent adaptation with IoT and smart digital platform allows it to position itself as the smart Home solution partner the ten graves the flexibility to cater the customers with different needs. Its main focus is to serve the customer behavior of US, which is getting busier and tech-presence. Samsung has been a long run player in the home appliance, it positions itself as the player that offers the effective management of the smart appliances with the control from the smart phone. Also, since the dependence of all three types of generation is increasing on smart phones, approx. 31.5billion smart phone users, Samsung smart electronics will offer the customers the ease to manage the home appliances with the phone, hence offering convenience and ease to the target market.

Samsung IoT Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Also, it positions itself as an easy way to manage the appliances and its effective working with customers who have very basic knowledge of the technology, hence mitigating the need to be tech savvy which differentiates it from Apple, Siri and Microsoft Cotana, which depicts or positions itself as the high tech software systems.
The pricing strategy of Samsung will be competitive to Hitachi, since it operates in the US market, where the customer base has high disposable income and has the behavior of looking for technological advanced products, Samsung will price itself competitive to Hitachi, making the market more intense and competitive. Also, the competitive price will be justified with the convenience and technology offered with smart management of the appliances, hence coating differentiation in the market.
The initial cost for the project will be around $240 billion, because of the technology and the advertisement bud get allocated for the initial period. Also, each refrigerator will start from the price of $ 4599, and will rise as the feature will increase. The particular strategy will be pursued by Samsung to maintain its brand image and also the value of product and services, hence creating a distinct market and customer base for the Samsung electronic products.
Customer Value Proposition and Priorities
Samsung Electronics offers the customer the exquisite convenience, AND EASE. It offers the customer with the best style and design that synchronizes with the interior of the home, along with the easy and effective handling of the appliances to establish the delighted experience of the customer. Since Samsung knows the value of “smart”, It sync ronizes every smart appliances or electronics with the smart phone, mitigating the resistance to change the channel of operation or communication thus leading to ease and convenience.........

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