PRINCIPLE OF MARKETING Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Principle of Marketing Case Study Solution

Creating Value for Customers

Samsung is able to create value for the customer by offering high-quality products with the advanced technology. Samsung is able to create value by also providing excellent customer service and maintaining a strong relationship with its customers. The company is one of a global leader in the digital industry and are always looking methods for creating value for its customers and connecting with them on a personal level.

Samsung even launched a platform by the name of Janrain User Management in their website which has 3 main purpose that is to build a relationship, increase feedback and improve customer value. The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S8 has many new innovative features such as better storage, display, lightweight and longer battery which has created value for the customers. Samsung also uses high promotion activity for attracting more customers and also helps the company in creating value.

Role of the Customer in the Company’s Strategic Plan

The vision& mission of Samsung is to create innovative products and inspire the world for creating the future. Samsung vision & mission is to create a better future through its three key strengths which are developing new technology, launching new innovative products and providing creative digital technological solutions. The strategic management approach for Samsung is established in 3 approaches which are through creativity, partnership and skills for creating better future.

The mission statement of the company reflects mainly on bringing new technology in the world for shaping the future. The mission statement could have a further focus on the customers as it could state that Samsung would contribute to building a better society and also providing satisfaction to the people(PHELAN, 2017).

PRINCIPLE OF MARKETING Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Swot Analysis

The SWOT analysis consists of the company’s strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. The biggest strength of Samsung is that it is one of the five leading company in the digital technology and has a strong brand image throughout the world. In terms of smartphone, the company is not able to match the features and capabilities of Apple which has caused the company’s revenue to decline.

The opportunity of the company is that it could launch various diversified products in the market by utilizing its biggest strength which is strong brand recognition. Such as it could launch a wrist wearable tech or digital for creating value and attracting more customer. It could also expand the market by targeting the regions such as Africa and India as these are growing markets in terms of smartphones, tablets and much other digital technologies. The threats for the Samsung is mainly its competitor which is Apple in smartphones as the reputation of the Apple Inc. keeps on increasing in the united states regarding quality, durability and features.

Competitive Analysis

The two major competitors for the Samsung Galaxy S8 are Apple and LG. The LG has launched a pretty much a similar product which is the LG G6 which have almost the same features whereas Apple has launched iPhone 7 which also have the better features that Samsung S8.

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