Canon Challenges Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Canon Challenges Case Solution

Objective of the Program

The game being developed is called “Super Canon Challenges”. The game will challenge the user on their estimation by giving them a target and a shooting instrument. The user then has to determine the elevation and velocity required to hit the target from a fixed position.The player is given the option to set the initial velocity and elevation of the projectile and a button is provided to the user for firing at the velocity and elevation set by the user. Other features include that when the projectile hits the target, the target explodes and if the projectile misses its target and hits the ground, it still explodes.

User Interface

The user can give three inputs to the program, which include setting the elevation, setting the velocity and hitting the fire button, these are the total inputs with which the user can play the game.

Sound Effects

Apart from this, the user will hear background sounds that will be kept playing through out the game. When the user presses the fire button, a sound of bombardment could be heard by the user and when the projectile hits any object in the game and explode then it can also be heard by the user.

Visual Effects

When the user presses the fire button, the panzer placed at a fixed position shoots off a missile which can be seen by the user moving on a velocity set by the user. When the missile hits an object, then an explosion occurs with a sound and the background shakes.

Challenges for the User

The user is presented with a challenge to hit an increasing number of targets after each level that is placed at some distance. Also,some obstacles are placed which make it difficult for the user to hit the target. When the missile hits the target, the user receives a set score and the score are maintained throughout game to show how much the user scored. The user loses if the round of shots used by the user exceeds 15.

Work Plan

The work started with proper planning of every aspect of the game and appropriate and sufficient information was gathered about the game, therefore it can assess how much time and other resources might be required to complete the game. Following is the plan that was initially made to ensure that the game is successfully made;

Console Based Program

It was initially planned that the game will be designed by using a console based environment as the game may not seem feasible if graphically designed. The console based programming gives more depth to the program and also the speed of the program is enhanced as the code stays cleaner and unnecessary lines are removed away.

Graphical User Interface Output

The output that the game was expected to be in was in a graphical user interface. It makes the game more interesting to the user and they also enjoy the effects that can be seen on the screen. Also these effects can be programmed to be realistic, as a result increasing the interest of the user. The game will be designed by using a console based interface however,the end output will be a graphical user interface and the user will be able to touch things virtually and see them in their screens.

Variable defined

First of all, the variables will be defined in the code; these variables will be use in programming of different methods which allow the game to continue. These variables will be used for gravity or number of shots fired, elevation, velocity, position of the missile and etc. These variables allow the programmer to make record of scores or to show with how much speed the missile will launch and the distance of the missile from the tanker........................

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