Practical Regression: Log vs. Linear Specification Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This is the seventh in a series of lectures, which, if linked together in the book, could be entitled "Practical Regression." Goal score in addition to the theoretical content of most statistics texts with practical advice based on nearly three decades of experience of the author, along with more than a hundred years experience of colleagues who offered advice. As the title "Practical Regression" suggests, these notes guide performing the regression in practice. This note explains how to choose between a magazine and a linear specification. The note highlights the economic interpretation of the model and how to interpret the log in the log regression coefficients. In conclusion, in a note to explain how to choose between log and linear features on econometric grounds, including an explanation of Box-Cox test. "Hide
by David Dranove Source: Kellogg School Management 13 pages. Publication Date: June 11, 2012. Prod. #: KEL641-PDF-ENG

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Practical Regression: Log vs. Linear Specification

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