China Rising: An Economic Snapshot Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

"China Rising: Economic Snapshot" provides readers with an overview of the economic reforms in China, based on economic data from various sources. It consists of three sections: (1) "The Big Picture" examines the macroeconomic indicators, as well as those related to the opportunities and constraints of the business environment, and (2) "regional differences" makes a strong case for positioning any analysis of the Chinese economy in the context and finally (3) "China and the World Economy" shows how the interaction between China and the world economy has changed overtime. These materials should be of interest to observers and participants in the Chinese business, and as a means to consider the bigger picture of an environment in which they must work. In addition, they can be used as a basis for discussion and lectures, or as an addition to the cases focused on companies doing business in China. "Hide
by Regina Abrami, Weiqi Zhang 21 pages. Publication Date: November 19, 2007. Prod. #: 308064-PDF-ENG

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China Rising: An Economic Snapshot

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