Hocol Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case describes the ability of Hocol, to understand and transform multiple contextual forces, adverse and converged to develop internal capacity and competence to apply their business to achieve positive results in the economic, social and environmental spheres. Hocol developed a business model in the following way: "The company's success is based on the success of the people and groups that surround it." Although the company claimed that "not a model," it was clear that this was one of learning, experimentation and incremental and continuous adaptation to the demands of the external context. The concept of the business model with these characteristics redirected Hocol development activities with, in particular the work of governmental and public affairs, and commercial defense team and the form of the fund, where she worked. Hocol argued that in order to achieve better economic and social outcomes needed to understand and control the various pressures that resulted from the environment in which he worked. At the same time, it is necessary for the creation of internal resources and capabilities that would transform threats into opportunities and meet the expectations of shareholders, subcontractors, neighboring communities and other stakeholders. In general, Hocol sought to understand the evolution of the needs of the society of which it was a part of and help to meet these needs by strengthening community-based organizations and government agencies.
The business case illustrates how Hocol competed in oil exploration and production in Colombia. What makes this oil company was dynamically build specific business model, based on a deep understanding of the external context, allowing the simultaneous creation of economic value (profitability) and social values ​​(the promotion of social development). Hocol conceived business model, based on reconciliation and mutual reinforcement of the various forces that affect its performance at different points in their history. "Hide
by Elsa Margarita Uribe, Roberto Gutierrez, Andres Barragan Source: Social Enterprise Knowledge Network 27 pages. Publication Date: March 15, 2011. Prod. #: SKE141-PDF-ENG

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