PharmaPlus in Hungary Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 1997, the Hungarian pharmaceutical manufacturer / wholesaler tries to enter the retail "pharmacy" industry, an industry that does not exist in Hungary. Hungary has strict laws governing what can be sold in a pharmacy and "druggery" (which are separate legal entities), but PharmaPlus, (no relation to the North American circuit Pharma Plus Drugmart), attempts to combine the two with an existing store. Management PharmaPlus faces opposition from the regulator of pharmacists, which has authority over the operations of pharmacy and stakeholders in the current structure of the industry, despite the support of the Minister of Health and convincing evidence that the concept is popular with customers. It comes to lobbying by interested parties who have the power, finding a sustainable competitive advantage in a market that has never seen this kind of business, the idea of ​​a global service concept, the formation of the industry's own advantage, industry pure competition (many players), the potential for international expansion, and the impact Hungary joining the EU. "Hide
by David W. Conklin, Jeffrey Gandz, Trevor Hunter Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 25 pages. Publication Date: January 29, 1998. Prod. #: 98G002-PDF-ENG

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PharmaPlus in Hungary

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