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National Australia Bank Case Study Solution

Vision and Mission:


The vision of National Australia Bank is to become the leading bank among all banks in Australia. It wants to be trusted by each of their customer for their exceptional services. The values, vision and purpose of National Australia Bank is for guidance and motivation to Board, leaders and the people for delivery of outcomes i.e. sustainable and leading to the broader community, shareholders and customers. Good corporate governance supported the values, vision and purpose of National Australia Bank.In 2018, the statement of corporate governance describes the approach of National Australia Bank to corporate governance which comply with the principles and recommendations of ASX Corporate Governance Council.


The mission of the National Australia Bank states that:

"The operations of the Company and the Consolidated Entity are driven by the Group Mission Statement and Values. All the Values are important and cover every aspect of daily banking and financial service practices.The Values include the requirement that the business be conducted ethically and with professionalism to achieve the highest standards of behavior. This Value is reinforced by the Company s internal Code of Conduct,which is provided to all staff members and which requires observance of strict ethical guidelines. The Code of Conduct covers:Personal conduct;Honesty;Relations with customers;Prevention of fraud;financial advice to customers;Conflict of interest;and Disclosure. "

With the reference to the mission statement of National Australia Bank, the missions are as follows:

  • Creation of additional employment and values to the economies by the active country’s commercial operations.
  • Provision of particular solution for recent and upcoming customers’ requirements.
  • Permanent relationship establishment on the strength for service philosophy i.e. high quality.
  • Making of positive contribution to environment development and society.
  • Creation of working environment i.e. build on confidence making employees to feel proud.
  • Importance recognition of profitability for success i.e. long-term.

Positioning of Sustainability:

In the Fiscal year 2018, the organization has reached $10.4 Billion against the commitment of finance of environment up to $55 billion to provide $20 billion for supporting the infrastructure of green, asset finance and markets of capital by 2025. Similarly, $12.5 billion against the provision of $35 billion in lending flow of new mortgages for the residential housing of 6-star in Australia by 2025.

The organization met the second commitment to arrange sources in place to 10% electricity in Australia through renewable energy by the year 2018. This commitment was achieved through the installation of large solar at the center of Knox Data. Likewise, contracting with the provider of renewable energy for RECs – Renewable Energy Certificates from a wind farm of new Victorian. In 2019, the organization receives Renewable Energy Certificates from both facilities. The achievement of interim target will assist the organization for delivery of long term commitment.

In order to support the customers of home lending the organization with piloted offer of a National Australia Bank Reward with origination of installation of solar panels for loans of new home. The firm provided the managers with assets to access the finance experts of renewable energy and portfolio of project finance by portfolio launch of Low Carbon Share. The organization continued customers of business with provision of discounted finance equipment for renewable energy and investments for efficient energy which reached to about $300 million in finance.

The organization has also successfully reduced 12% against the emissions of Science-based GHG which was intended to reduce an approximate of 21% by the year 2025.

Standards of NAB:


The conduct code of National Australia Bank outlines the ethical conduct and the responsibility standards. These are expected by each employee of National Australia Bank either temporary or permanent one and also the directors, consultants and contractors. It is believed that all the employees and customers should be provided with treatment of dignity and respect. It is required by National Australia Bank that each employee should behave responsibly and ethically according to the code of National Australia Bank. It is also for the behavior cultivation i.e. appropriate throughout the company.

The encouragement of each employee of organization is to make them confident to speak up ad report suspicious code breaches. The concerns about the probable code breaches or other policies of National Australia Bank or serious instances of conduct for unattractive business can be raised by the people leader of employees by People division of National Australia Bank. This may also be through a Fair Call of KPMG – an available service for every employee as part of the Whistle blower program of National Australia Bank. The disclosure of each Whistle blower are reviewed through the committee of Group Whistle blower and intensified as most suitable to the Committee of Board Audit. The point where requirements of conduct are not met consequences appear. Consequences involve actions of discipline like influence of outcome of performance, warnings, counselling, and incentive payment eligibility for employment termination or contracting arrangement termination.

The organization is committed for the protection of genuine disclosures and thus victimization is not tolerated or consequences i.e. adverse like dismissal, discrimination, demotion and other adverse reprisal treatments for genuine disclosures. The completion of training of annual compliance such as Code training i.e. mandatory for all the employees of National Australia Bank.

Sustainability Compliance Standards:

Requirements of Group Suppliers:

The principles of National Australia Bank Group Supplier Sustainability requirements are specified for the contracted suppliers that provide services and goods to National Australia Bank. These principles are:

  • Management of risk.
  • Work Safety and Health.
  • Management of Supply Chain.
  • Workforce human rights and policies.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Management of Environment.
  • Diversity of Supplier.

Review of the principles of Group Supplier Sustainability of National Australia Bank should be done by Supplier in order to ensure that the systems, processes and policies are there to meet the requirements.

Standards of Sustainable Compliance:

The suppliers in compliance with the National Australia Bank Group of Sustainability benefits from various intangible and financial standards such as:

  • Minimize the impacts of social and environment on the organization.
  • Brand value building between the community i.e. growing and is aware of the sustainability importance.
  • Product differentiation and potential enhancement within the markets of export.
  • Cost reduction achievements and improvement in the efficiency of resources.
  • Reduction in the possible risk of damage to reputation of organization.
  • Increase in management and awareness of risks of ESG and opportunities in their own chain of supply.

The management of compliance is as a part of yearly diligence process for the strategic suppliers and materials and through the process of assessment. Whereas, improvements are made for the best practice incorporation and improved changes in the regulations or legislations............


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