Introducing iSnack 2.0: The New Vegemite Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Vegemite is an iconic Australian breakfast spread and is often regarded as the quintessence of the Australian product. This case focuses on solving the Kraft brand to enhance productivity through the introduction of brand extensions. Based on an extensive analysis of social media brand image, brand team led by Simon Talbot identified a niche in the market for an extension with a mixture of Vegemite and other iconic brands Kraft, cream cheese Philadelphia. After a high-profile campaign with a competition for the name of the new expansion team chose the name Talbot iSnack 2.0 for the new product. Business begins two days after the public opening of the name and the subsequent national reaction against it. Talbot is necessary to consider whether to continue with the brand or change it in the light of publicity. "Hide
by Anat Keinan, Francis Farrelly, Michael Beverland Source: Harvard Business School 19 pages. Publication date: April 20, 2012. Prod. #: 512020-PDF-ENG

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Introducing iSnack 2.0: The New Vegemite

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